Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Signs of Addiction

Traded my D4 for a 200mm F2. Had to borrow a D3s to try out the new toy. Forgot to look at the quality setting and shot the first half on basic jpg. As you can se I used a pretty awesome light panel for this shoot, but I have also made the exact same thing out of pvc and a bed sheet. Stacked 3 Nikon SB800's and taped them together.  photo DSC_8477_zpsa84b7004.jpg  photo DSC_8513_zps37a67b67.jpg  photo DSC_8543_zps9ac13e6a.jpg  photo DSC_8452_zps9aefec68.jpg  photo _DSC8738_zps769aca6c.jpg  photo _DSC8699_zps628e085d.jpg  photo _DSC8751_zps9c565c67.jpg

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